The American Geographical Society is an organization of professional geographers and other devotees of geography who share a fascination with the subject and a recognition of its importance.  Most Fellows of the Society are Americans, but among them have always been a significant number of Fellows from around the world.  The Society encourages activities that expand geographical knowledge, and it has a well-earned reputation for presenting and interpreting that knowledge so that it can be understood and used not just by geographers but by others as well–especially policy makers.  It is the oldest nationwide geographical organization in the United States.  Its priorities and programs have constantly evolved with the times, but the Society’s tradition of service to the U.S. government, business community, and nation-at-large has continued unchanged. Individuals, corporations, and businesses who wish to support the AGS can join the Galileo Circle or the Humboldt Club.


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  1. Do you have a suggestion as to where I might find a globe of the Earth showing in some fashion plate tectonics – boundaries, ridges, trenches and other features.

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