Populations, Shifting Identity, and Well Being

The fifth pillar of Geography 2050’s agenda is Populations, Shifting Identity, and Well Being. Over the next few decades, the geography of human populations will change materially. Urbanization will continue, and the concentration of people in vulnerable coastal zones will increase. Already in 2010, 39% of the United States population lives on 10% of The U.S land area, (coastal areas) and it is expected to increase. The geography of human well-being will be re-written as health and wealth shift radically. Diseases such as Ebola have been projected to spread to new geographies and increase exponentially. Borders and sovereignty within borders will face and possibly succumb to new pressures as new social movements arise, reshaping identity. Demographics are expected to change in the world and the United States. What do you think 2050 will look like? Be part of the discussion at Geography2050.


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