Win $1,000 by mapping the future in support of Geography 2050



The MapStory Foundation is proud to sponsor the Fall Symposium of the American Geographical Society – Geography 2050:  Mounting an Expedition to the Future.  They are calling it a “multi-year strategic dialog on the vital trends that will reshape our nation and our planet.”  And, this inaugural event will be hosted by Columbia University’s Earth Institute, in the historic Low Library Rotunda, on November 19th in NYC.  You can learn more about this forward looking dialog at, and you can even register and be part of it.

Most of the content within addresses the past and the present.  But, in celebration of this unique event, we at MapStory are offering a $1000 prize for whomever posts the best future oriented MapStory about how our world will change by 2050.  The use of scientifically validated data on future trends is encouraged.  Yet, the narrative elements of the story will be just as important.

While the financial incentive of the prize is notable, the winning MapStory will also be played at the Geography 2050 Fall Symposium for the thought leaders in attendance.  The content and themes of your MapStory submission do not need to adhere to those of this inaugural event, and instead can cover any trends and underlying factors that you deem to be important to the future of our planet.

To participate, just publish your MapStory and tweet it to @Geography2050 with the hasthag #MapStory2050. Deadline for submission is November 15th.


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