The 12th Asian Urbanization Conference

The 12th Asian Urbanization Conference will be held at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India on December 28-30, 2013. The focal theme for this year’s conference is

Urban Dynamics, Environment and Health: Challenges for the Twenty First Century

All of the three main themes are strongly connected to social well-being. The interconnections of various elements of these three areas have great bearing on the life quality of people in space and time. The sequential arrangement of these three themes in this conference is an expression of priority action of the process of change in spatial, environmental and human context along with time.

The first call for papers related to these themes has been sent out, while papers outside of these themes but pertaining to Asian urbanization and Asian cities may also be submitted.

Paper Abstract and Submission and Registration:

An abstract of 250 words with one and half line spacing in MS Word should be submitted via e-mail to the Convener. Early submission of the paper abstract (s) is highly encouraged for smooth functioning of the conference.  Abstract must provide information on the description of topic, theoretical focus, objectives, study area, data and research methods, expected findings and significance. Submission of the full length of paper neatly typed in MS Word in A4 size with one and a half line spacing in  TNR with original maps and diagram (preferably in black and white) is mandatory. Papers will be selected through peer reviewing process and will be considered for publication after the conference is successfully over.

For further information see the following two files:

12th Asian Urbanization Conference – Brochure

12th Asian Urbanization Conference – Flyer


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