The last 2012 Issue of Geographical Review

The last 2012 issue of the American Geographical Society’s Journal Geographical Review was published in November and, as always, features some particularly interesting articles. To arouse your interest in them, here is a list of the main articles. In addition, there are seven book reviews on recent publication in the field of Geography. If you would like to sign up for a subscription for the Geographical Review click here.

  • Sture, I. – The Rise and Fall of the Aizjomi Landscape
  • Benito, P. and Gonzales, P. A. – Industrial Heritage and Place Identity in Spain: From Monuments to Landscapes
  • Brannstrom, C. and Brandao, P. R. B. – Two Hundred Hectares of Good Business: Brazilian Agriculture in a Themed Space
  • Youngs, Y. – Editing Nature in Grand Canyon National Park Postcards
  • Koelsch, W. A. – The Legendary “Rediscovery” of George Perkins Marsh
  • Cross, J. A. – (Geographical Record) Changing Patterns of Cheese Manufacturing in America’s Dairyland



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