Council Meeting at the AGS Library in Milwaukee

On November 8-10, 2012, the Council of the American Geographical Society met at the AGS Library ( which is located at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The library was moved to UWM in 1979 and the AGS Archives were moved there in 2011. The AGS Library is one of the largest geographic libraries in the United States. It has extensive collections of maps and atlases, photographs, monographs and serials, GIS data, aerial photographs and remotely sensed images, digital collections, and archives. There are numerous lectures and other special events which take place at the library. Students, researchers, and others are welcome to visit the library or to contact any of the librarians with requests for information about materials.

The AGS Council visit started on Thursday November 8th with the Edward Wilkommen GeoFocus Lecture by Council member, Lawson W. Brigham, Distinguished Professor of Geography and Arctic Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks, “The New Maritime Arctic:  Global Connections and Changing Access.” Accompanying the lecture was an exhibit of the Library’s extensive holdings on Polar maps, documents, and other materials.

This was followed by a tour of the Library by the AGS Council on Friday, November 9th. Lunch was served in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Room. FDR was a former AGS Council member, including during his tenure as Governor of New York. At lunch, Ewa Barczyk, Director of Libraries at UWM, read a number of letters from FDR to the Director of the AGS. Many of these explained why FDR could not attend AGS Council meetings. The final letter announced his resignation from the AGS Council because of his new position, as President of the United States!

The AGS Council met on Saturday November 10th, followed by dinner at Karl Ratzsch’s (

Images of the meeting:


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