New Educational Tours for 2010

The American Geographical Society recently announced three new travel programs for the 2010 season. The Historic Coast of South America is a two-part voyage of exploration – Voyage I runs February 28-March 11, 2010 (12 days), and Voyage II runs March 10-22, 2010 (13 days). Empires of the East aboard the Clipper Odyssey runs April 9-26, 2010 (18 days) and spans a fascinating array of islands and landscapes that seamlessly weave together centuries of history and tradition with some of the most forward-thinking societies in the world. The Desert Crossroads & the Himalayas by Private Jet runs in three parts: March 20-April 4, 2010 (16 days), April 5-19 (15 days), and April 20 – May 3, 2010 (14 days). Full details of these fabulous educational tours can be viewed online at The American Geographical Society Travel Program website. For more information, call the AGS Travel Office at (888) 805-0884 or (603) 756-2553.


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